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14 May, 2023

4200 dogs call Mareeba home

MORE than 4200 dogs are now registered in the Mareeba Shire, but council is calling upon animal owners who have not registered their animal to do so.

4200 dogs call Mareeba home - feature photo

As of 31 March, council had a registered population of 4282 dogs in the shire with 88 dog renewals outstanding.

The 88 outstanding renewals are for animal owners failing to renew their dog registrations for the current financial year, which includes failure to advise council of their change in circumstances – for example, if their dog has passed away or has left the shire.

Owners of the 88 outstanding renewals have been issued with infringements and will remain outstanding until the new renewal period begins on 1 July 2023.

A quarterly report presented to council noted that 104 dogs had been impounded during the three months, but that represented a decrease compared to the same period of time in 2021 and 2022.

“This could be attributed to general compliance by animal owners to ensure their animals are not wandering at large,” the report stated.

“I would like to use this opportunity to remind residents to be responsible pet owners,” Mayor Angela Toppin said.

“Council’s role in animal management includes administering the Local Law (Animal Management), conducting inspections, and responding to complaints about wandering stock, dog attacks, and safety of residents and wildlife.

“In order to do our job, council requires that all dogs are registered for easy identification. It is also worth noting that dogs must always wear their registration tag, as this assists with reuniting wandering dogs to their owners.

“Domestic animals wandering at large can be a danger to themselves, other animals and members of the public.

“Pets who escape from their enclosures can also be a cause for great concern and anxiety for the owner and their family.”

Find out more on keeping a pet in Mareeba Shire, by visiting council’s website and clicking on “Animal Keeping Minimum Standards Fact Sheet”.


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