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15 March, 2023

Aerodrome safety key at seminar

LOCAL pilots are being encouraged to learn more about flying safely in and around non-controlled aerodromes with the Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) holding a special seminar this Sunday.

Aerodrome safety key at seminar - feature photo

Most Australian aerodromes are in non-controlled airspace and Australian Transport Safety Bureau statistics show there have been more than 60 incidents, including mid-air and ground collisions, in or around non-controlled aerodromes in recent years.

CASA’s aviation safety advisors host free seminars for pilots at locations around Australia year-round to encourage pilots of all experience levels to refresh their knowledge and improve their safety.

This weekend’s seminar in Atherton will give pilots practical tips about flying efficiently and safely at non-controlled aerodromes and discovering the CASA resources available to support them.

Pilots are welcome to raise any local safety issues and ask questions about rules and regulations.

The Atherton aviation safety seminar will be held on Sunday 19 March 2023 at 10 am at Atherton Aero Club.

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