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26 August, 2022

Alicia tells of a life full of love

ALICIA de Haas’s life is one full of love, challenges, adventure and fun and with the help of her dad, the 38-year-old has officially released her new book “The Story of My Life – It’s great to be me!”

By Ellie Fink

Local girl Alicia de Haas has officially released her new book “The Story of My Life”.
Local girl Alicia de Haas has officially released her new book “The Story of My Life”.

Inspired by her father Peter de Haas, who has published two books in the past, Alicia told him it was time to write a book about her crazy and wonderful life. 

Peter immediately agreed and the father and daughter duo sat down for months, writing down every memory and every story that has made Alicia’s life so unapologetically amazing. 

“I wanted to write about my love for my family and all the cool things we do and all the places we go,” Alicia said. 

“I wrote this book mainly for my family to tell them about my life, but I hope I can sell a million copies!” “The Story of My Life” tells the story of Alicia, who was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart condition which restricts some of the things that she can do. 

Not long after she was born, her parents Peter and Angela adopted her into their adventurous family, taking her across the country due to Peter’s work commitments. 

Whilst exploring and travelling alongside her mum and dad, she never let her disabilities get in her way and has spent every day smiling, laughing and doing the things she loves.

“(My disabilities) have not stopped me at all from living a very full and rich life filled with love, joy and laughter,” she wrote in her book. 

“While I do have some disabilities, I have many more abilities and I look forward to telling you about some of them.” 

Although her book was written to show her friends and family just how amazing her life is, she hopes “The Story of My Life” will help families who have children or other family members with Down Syndrome. 

Although she may look a little different, Alicia says she is just a regular girl who has been able to achieve above and beyond regardless of her diagnosis, loves to read and ride horses, loves to learn and explore and lives her life to the absolute fullest. Alicia’s book is available to purchase online at, search for The Story of My Life Alicia.


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