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22 November, 2023

Annual awards recognise college’s top students

STUDENTS at Mount St Bernard College have been recognised in this year’s school awards.

Dux of 2023 Sophie Jonsson.
Dux of 2023 Sophie Jonsson.

Year 12 student Sophie Jonsson was announced as Dux of 2023 in recognition of her academic excellence in English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry and academic diligence in Mathematical Methods. 

In addition to Sophie’s academic achievements, she has demonstrated strong work ethics, determination to succeed, resilience and enthusiasm for life at school and beyond.

Student Tia Dewley was awarded the principal’s “Let Your Light Shine” award for 2023 for her friendly and considerate nature. 

Tia has been diligent with her studies and shown impressive resilience and challenged herself to overcome obstacles. She has demonstrated strength in following and modelling the College expectations of being respectful, responsible and safe. 

The 2023 Mercy Education Award, which recognises a student for their significant contribution to leadership in the Mercy Tradition of Education and demonstrating the values of compassion, justice, respect, hospitality, courage, and service, was won by Sinevah Mari. 

Sinevah’s compassionate nature and willingness to be of service to others has earned her the respect of both staff and students and seen her appointed College Captain in 2023.

In the boarding context, she has been a big sister and mentor, helping boarders to make friends, deal respectfully with conflict and learn to enjoy life away from home. 

Sinevah Mari and Meena Riber were both been awarded the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award for 2023. The ADF recognises emerging leaders through this award. 

The Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award was presented to Nayita Joseph and Yasserie Kyle-Smith. 

The ADF Future Innovators Award has been designed to recognise students who have a keen interest and ability in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, known as STEM. 

bernards-(2).jpg bernards-(3).jpg bernards-(4).jpg “Let Your Light Shine” award Tia Dewley.
“Let Your Light Shine” award Tia Dewley.

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