18 February, 2023

Art shows the beauty within

HER journey to self-discovery and body positivity was what motivated local artist Jo-Ellen Bouttell to create paintings portraying a woman’s beauty.


Jo-Ellen, who is a professional artist working out of At the Art Garage in Yungaburra, primarily paints the female body, showcasing its beauty, changes, and uniqueness.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Jo-Ellen began her journey to self-discovery art was her creative outlet.

“Abstract has always been my flare but over the last decade I have been painting female bodies,” she said.

“I was inspired by my journey with breast cancer and began thinking about body positivity. I then began to have these conversations surrounding body positivity and self-worth with other women.”

Starting off with just a few portraits of her friends, Jo-Ellen bought out the best in them and began “not-so-secretly” breaking down their insecurities and showing them the beauty they possess.

She believes through her art, which she now commissions to women across the nation, women can begin to heal the relationships they have with themselves and their loved ones.

“I have the conversation with women about self-worth and how our bodies are designed to change and we as women tend to loathe that,” she said.

“I have watched not only their relationships with themselves improve but also their relationships with their partners and children improved as they discover that they are amazing, and they do have value.”

Jo-Ellen will be hosting her “Naked Truth” exhibition at At The Art Garage, Yungaburra on 18 March from 7pm and welcomes everyone to come along and learn more about body positivity and her artwork. Entry is free.

She will also be hosting a five hour workshop on 25 March from 9am until 2pm. All art materials are supplied. For more informa-tion, contact Jo-Ellen on 0407 277 075


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