18 September, 2023

Atherton ready to hit the pitch

EAGER for a shot at the premiership following last season's unfortunate washout, Atherton Cricket Club will be entering this season with a squad of fresh faces poised to make their debut.

Atherton ready to hit the pitch - feature photo

In the previous season, Atherton's top players left an indelible mark on the field, finishing comfortably in second place when the season ended. 

This time around, they're geared up to replicate their success, and team captain Tom Boorman is resolute about leading his squad back to the summit.

“We got rained off during the grand final, but with the team we had, we were really happy with our achievements anyway,” he said. 

“We were expected to finish in the top three, so we were pretty proud of that, but we were pretty disappointed that obviously the weather wasn’t on our side.

“It’s a pretty strong comp this season, and if we can just make it to the finals, that will be a huge achievement.

“I am confident in the boys and hopefully, we will have a good season.”

Boorman recognised the strength of the competition this season, with his primary aim is to secure a spot in the finals. 

This season, Boorman is keen for some friendly rivalry with the Mareeba Bandits, who are making their debut in the top grade. 

He's been eagerly awaiting a local cricket derby for years, particularly against Mareeba's captain, Brandan Falvo, whom he had the opportunity to play alongside in the Big Bash series a few months ago. 

“We have never played against Mareeba, and there are a few young fellas there I am keen to see play,” he said. 

“It’s really exciting for them and keen for Mareeba to get out there in a grade.” 

With their first game set to kick off against Barron River this weekend, Boorman hopes his teammates are ready for this year’s competition and encourages them to play for the fun of it. 

“Obviously, we want to win,” he said. 

“I think it will help our performance if we don’t have a fear of failure. We will be a full team ready to play our game and have fun.”


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