2 April, 2023

Badu art on show at gallery

AN exhibition of work created by artists of the Badu Art Centre in the Torres Strait is now open at Tableland Regional Gallery.

Badu art on show at gallery - feature photo

The exhibition, “Sageraw Thonar – Stories from the Southeasterly Season: Contemporary Expressions of Cultural Knowledge”, is on show until 13 May at the gallery, with free entry.

“The exhibition, from artists of the Badu Art Centre in the Torres Strait, examines cultural traditions and knowledge through large-scale linocut prints,” Cr Peter Hodge said.

“The works visually respond to the season of Sageraw Thonar, in which the southeast winds blow.

“Animal totems, island flora and current environmental and cultural issues are discussed in the works, which reveal the artists’ most important stories.

“These stories present to the world a dynamic depiction of the living culture in existence on Badu Island.”

The exhibition features the works of Joseph Au, Aiona Tala Gaidan, Edmund Laza, Laurie Nona, Matilda Malujewel Nona, Michael Nona and Alick Tipoti.

It is curated by NorthSite Contemporary Arts (formally KickArts Contemporary Arts) in partnership with Badu Art Centre, Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh (TSI) Corporation


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