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16 June, 2022

Band set to rock the Igloo

THE highly regarded 1 RAR band is set to stop by Atherton’s renowned Rocky Creek Igloo this Sunday, bringing forward a host of ensembles and musical genres for everyone to enjoy, as part of a tour around the Far North.

The 1 RAR Band members rocking it out during one of their performances.
The 1 RAR Band members rocking it out during one of their performances.

The band of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment, more affectionately known as the 1 RAR Band, has a long and proud history tracing back to its inception in 1945. 

The band served in all theatres of war with the 1st Battalion until the end of the Vietnam War and whilst the bandsmen boosted the morale of the troops and fostered goodwill amongst soldiers and civilians, they also served a secondary and more dangerous combat role as rifle company stretcher bearers. 

In 1994, a new policy ceased the combat requirement of 1 RAR Band members and since then, the band has been manned by highly skilled professional musicians, many of whom have spent several years honing their craft before auditioning for the Australian Army Band Corps. 

The band also travels extensively throughout Far North Queensland entertaining the public at the Townsville City Council Carols, North Australian Festival of Arts, Cooktown Discovery Festival, and the Winton Outback Festival. 

For its northern tour, 1 RAR Band will be performing in Malanda, Innisfail, Cooktown and Atherton, playing a wide range of music to satisfy all tastes. 

1RAR, Cooktown Performance
1RAR, Cooktown Performance

The band will be playing at the restored Rocky Creek Igloo in an exclusive charity concert this Sunday 19 June, starting from 6.30pm, organised by Atherton Rotary. 

There is a $5 admission fee that will go straight to the Legacy charity and whatever money is raised, Atherton Rotary has promised to match it. 

Atherton Rotary Club’s Pauline Spackman is pleased the band has decided to play at the Rocky Creek igloo, an important piece of the Tablelands military history. 

“The band got a grant to go out and do shows and they approached us asking if we wanted them to play at the igloo,” she said. 

“It is all related with the igloo and the Rocky Creek memorial – this is a big honour and recognises that the renovations have brought the igloo back to use. 

“This event really highlights that the igloo is a special place.” 

The band has a wide range of ensembles including Big Band, Marching Band, Rock Band, Jazz Group, Pep Band and Brass and Saxophone Ensembles. 

This is an all-ages event and tickets can be purchased at the door.


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