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17 December, 2023

Battle for TRC mayoralty looms

A BATTLE for the mayoralty of Tablelands Regional Council is looming, with Cr David Clifton revealing he will vie for the title from incumbent Rod Marti at next year’s local government elections.

By Robyn Holmes

Tablelands Regional Council Mayor Rod Marti and Councillor David Clifton.
Tablelands Regional Council Mayor Rod Marti and Councillor David Clifton.

Cr Clifton has formally announced his intention to contest the mayoralty, but he will have to prove to voters why he should be given the top job.

“I do not think that the people of the TRC have been served well by the current leadership of the last few years and I want to offer myself to take the leadership role in implementation towards making the difference which I think still eludes us,” he said.

“It is not the time to go slowly into making the changes which are necessary for the Tablelands - it must be done firmly and in a timely manner, with confidence and with a clear direction.

“Many Tablelanders will know already that I speak directly, decisively and want action and I will be asking for their vote as Mayor.”

Cr Clifton says he wants to see real results in the way the council operates.

We have tried to make changes to the way Council operates, the services we deliver, the way we communicate to residents and the value for the ratepayer from those services we provide but it is very difficult sometimes to see results.

This year, we commissioned a detailed Service Review which has looked closely at every aspect of TRC operations. The results are just emerging now and must be carried through to the 2024/25 Budget and beyond.

“We know from the Service Review that many of our roads are in poor condition, that many more bridges need replacement and that many of our assets, such as water supplies and sewerage plants are ageing and need urgent upgrades. 

“Unless we continue to apply pressure to renew these assets these shortcomings will be difficult to address into the future.”

Mayor Marti has confirmed he intends to run for Mayor for a second term, saying the “continuity of leadership was absolutely critical to the delivery of the Priors Creek development and major investments in water infrastructure”.

“It’s essential that a clear vision exists at the top and that council keeps moving decisively,” he said.

He said he was “committed to getting on with the job, always making decisions in the broader community’s interest”, and was proud to go to the upcoming election with his vision for the Tablelands and his record.

“TRC is on the cusp of making a significant step-up in performance with the delivery of a transformational project and critical infrastructure works,” Mayor Marti said.

“Stage 1 of the Priors Creek Development is about to commence and significant water investments are underway in Ravenshoe and Millstream.

“Other investments in key infrastructure, especially ageing water plants, are in the scoping stage to meet strong population growth. 

“There are also much needed public space investments slotted in for Herberton’s Battery Park and Millaa Millaa Falls.”

With the election due for 16 March, nominations for the Mayoralty and councillor positions will need to be lodged by mid-February 2024.


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