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22 April, 2023

Be noise responsible

COMMUNITY SAFETY WRAP: NOISE complaints can happen at any time of the day or night and is one of the more common calls for service for police.

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NOISE complaints can happen at any time of the day or night and is one of the more common calls for service for police.

We all want to be able to enjoy our time at home. For some of us, this may include activities that cause unwanted noise for our neighbours, resulting in a noise complaint.

As a home owner or tenant, you need to be responsible for all noise levels at your residence. People may feel that noise levels are excessive at any time. Excessive noise can come from an amplifier, musical instruments, voices, or motors.

Senior Constable Aleda Day said police deemed excessive noise to be any noise that disturbs the peace of another person.

“We encourage the public to work together to maintain a suit-able noise level, so ask your neighbour politely first, to turn the music down,” Senior Constable Day said.

“A bit of planning and forethought can prevent things from go-ing wrong on the day and avoid a visit from the local police.”

A few points to consider if planning a party include;

• Give neighbours advance warning of parties. Provide your contact details just in case they need to contact you

• Choose the right type of party for your neighbourhood, live bands and large crowds don’t mix in a residential neighbourhood

• Don’t use open invitations on social media, invite only so you know who is attending, and

• Ensure you and everyone at your party stays safe and consumes alcohol responsibly.

“If all else fails and the noise is still excessive from a party near you, make a complaint to police. Contact Policelink online,” Snr Const Day said.

If police attend your residence or that of a friend in relation to excessive noise and give you a noise abatement direction, then you can’t make any excessive noise for 96 hours (four days).

If police get called back due to a further noise complaint, a court appearance is possible and the item omitting the noise may be seized.

People riding motorbikes on a place other than a road can also be given a noise abatement direction for the duration of 48hrs and if you fail to comply your motorbike may be seized.


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