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22 December, 2023

Be on alert for electric ants

ELECTRIC ants were discovered in two yards out of a total of 32 that were inspected in Kuranda and Speewah during a recent weekend blitz.


Organised by Biosecurity Queensland (BQ) and assisted by volunteers, the blitz also unearthed a further two infestations in the following days thanks to the publicity generated by the initiative.

The teams also covered approximately 14km of footpath surveillance, collecting numerous ant samples for identification at the electric ant diagnostic lab in Cairns.

As a result, BQ is encouraging all Far North Queensland residents to register for a free yard check before the wet season commences.

Residents do not need to be home during the hour-long inspection, and they will be notified of all the species of ants identified.

Residents can register via the DAF website, by email, or by calling 13 25 23.

BQ National Electric Ant Eradication Program spokesperson Robert Ibell said yard checks were invaluable in finding nests.

“Forty per cent of infestations are found from yard checks and registering now will likely see the check done before the Christmas break,” he said.

“Early detection stops electric ants being able to establish, and the more yards that are checked the greater chance the pest can be eradicated.”


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