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4 July, 2022

Beast back to cause Pandemonium

One of the most difficult bulls to ride is set to test the resolve of competitors at this year’s Mareeba Rodeo

By Ellie Fink

750kg of pure beast, Lamont’s bull Pandemonium will be returning to the chutes again this year for the annual Mareeba Rodeo.
750kg of pure beast, Lamont’s bull Pandemonium will be returning to the chutes again this year for the annual Mareeba Rodeo.

PANDEMONIUM, a banteng x longhorn bull, will be back this year to dominate the arena and show local bull riders once again who’s boss. 

Pandemonium has shown no mercy on his riders before, with suppliers Leslie and Rebecca Lamont, from Hyde Park Station in Charters Towers, looking back on the times he has “catapulted” cowboys across the arena around the two-second mark.

This 750kg of pure beast has left the crowd in awe of his abilities, with a 100 per cent buck-off rate and no open bull rider to this day being able to compete against him. 

This year, Open Cowboy Wyatt Milgate is hoping to draw Pandemonium for the third time, coming eye to eye with the “rank piece of meat” in the Great Northern Bullriding series a few years ago.

“He’s fast and he is really tricky to ride and there’s a lot of power behind him there,” he said. 

“Definitely won’t shy away from a challenge with him and I would definitely get on him again. 

“I haven’t ridden him successfully but hopefully I can this time.” 

Rebecca describes Pandemonium as “an absolute gentle, natural professional athlete” in the sport of rodeo. 

“When that chute gate cracks, be sure to be on the edge of your seat to watch this professional athlete prove what he is capable of doing,” she said.

“He is now an aged bull but with the care he is provided with, he is just such a gracious professional athlete.

“The agility and performance this athlete shows when that gate cracks is nothing but outstanding. 

“After successfully dismounting his rider normally around that two second mark he just graciously looks for the return gate and leaves the arena.” 

Bred to the quality standards of a bucking bull, Leslie and Rebecca have trained Pandemonium to be the perfect athlete, with no cowboy to date able to stay on him for eight seconds. 

Contrary to his name though, outside the arena Pandemonium is a gentle creature. 

Pandemonium’s professionalism has been praised in the paddocks, with the Lamonts excited to bring him back to Mareeba for his third time ever. 

Rebecca and Leslie say people will be on the edge of their seats and they should expect the unexpected. Pandemonium and the Lamonts will be heading to Mareeba this week in time.


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