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6 December, 2023

Beef producers wanted for new group

BEEF producers in the Cape York and Gulf Savannah regions are being encouraged to partake in the new TNQ Producer Group, with expressions of interest now open.

Beef producers wanted for new group - feature photo

Led by the Tropical North Queensland Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub (TNQ Drought Hub), the group will focus on data-driven decision-making, exploring its role in informing strategies, improving outcomes and enhancing business performance. 

TNQ Drought Hub technical adoption officer Keerah Steele said the new group would offer participants the opportunity for collaboration, idea exchange and the sharing of best practices. 

“The TNQ Producer Group will focus on enhancing data collection capabilities and work towards digital integration and innovation,” Ms Steele said. 

“Participants will be provided with comprehensive guidance and training on how to effectively collect relevant data such as livestock analytics and mapping, ensuring that the data they gather is accurate, reliable, and appropriate for their specific business needs.

“Participants will also assess the current technological capabilities of the businesses involved and identify any gaps that need to be addressed so they can successfully transition to digital solutions.”

Ms Steele said members of the group would also be assisted in completing a business analysis and plan to identify potential risks, challenges, and opportunities for the future.

“This will involve analysing various aspects of their business, such as operations, supply chain, customer base, and financials, to develop strategies that enhance overall resilience, and ensure they are well-prepared to navigate any uncertainties and challenges,” she said. 

“They will also explore ways to optimise the use of resources, such as land, water, feed, and energy and will learn how data can inform efficient resource management to increase productivity and profitability.”

Other benefits include mentorship with setting up meaningful integration goals, a connectivity desktop audit and expert guidance on optimal digital options and upgrades. 

Tom and Christine Saunders, from Whitewater Station at Mount Surprise, have been involved in producer groups for many years, most recently, the E-Beef Producer Group.

 “We’re always looking for better ways to do things,”  Mr Saunders said.

“We got feedback, and there was great interaction with all the other producers. There were at least 12 in the group, and we did field days and got to go to other people’s properties.

“There was a good mix of ages – you had the enthusiasm of the young ones and the experience of the older ones.”

Mr Saunders said producer groups offered significant value, especially with fostering social connections and sparking ideas. 

“I think producer groups are an advantage, especially for the young ones. When you’re there talking to people who are actually trialling and using it, you find out a lot more,” he said.

“It’s direct to the properties too and you’re talking to people who are doing the same sort of stuff you’re doing. And everyone’s property is different, so just because something doesn’t work on your property, it could work on someone else’s.”

Ms Steele said the only requirement to be part of the producer group was a willingness to contribute ideas and the ability to be involved in various meetings and activities. 

“The time commitments are all producer-led and collectively determined within the group, allowing participants to contribute based on what they can afford to give,” she said.

“Participants will be involved in regular online meetings to discuss the outcomes of various activities, engaging in upskilling opportunities and participating in face-to-face training and workshops.

“I urge any prospective participants to complete the expression of interest form, as the producer group will offer a priceless opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges and contribute to building community and drought-resilience.”

For more information or to register your expression of interest, head to


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