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11 July, 2023

Best green thumbs

MAREEBA’S best green thumbs have been recognised, with the announcement of winners in the 2023 Mareeba Rodeo Garden Competition.

Best green thumbs - feature photo

The annual event has 12 categories for gardening enthusiasts to choose from including town garden, school garden, commercial garden and Facebook people’s choice.

Champion Garden winners Amanda and Andrew Andrew McCulloch, who won $1000 in garden vouchers and goods, were also successful in numerous categories – second in Front Garden, third in Rural Residential Garden, and first in both New Garden and Native Garden.

The results of all categories were:

Front Garden Including Footpath - 1 Sally Best; 2 Amanda and Andrew McCulloch; 3 Leanne Trevisiol. Town Garden - 1 Milyana Bernadi; 2 Melissa Fletcher; 3 Jaqueline Boneham. Rural Residential Garden - 1 Kathryn and John Edwards; 2 Rodger Smith; 3 Amanda and Andrew McCulloch. Senior Garden - 1 Maria Savaglio; 2 Erlinda Best; 3 Dot Robinson. New Garden - 1 Amanda and Andrew McCulloch; 2 Sally Best; 3 Anne Duncanson. Outdoor Living Area - 1 Milyana Bernadi; 2 Fred and Aileen Fronda; 3 Rita Compton. Vegetable Garden - 1 Jonelle Prowse; 2 Reece and Lyn Gore; 3 Rafet and Maria Shaban. Commercial Garden - 1 Ahoy Molloy Coffee Shop. Native Garden - 1 Amanda and Andrew McCulloch; 2 Rodger Smith; 3 Rupert and Juliana Russell. Most Sustainable Garden - 1 Ahoy Molloy Coffee Shop; Biboohra School; Rodger Smith. 11. School Garden 1 Biboohra Prep; 2 Biboohra School. Facebook People’s Choice - 1 Sally Best; 2 Jaqueline Boneham; 3 Fred and Aileen Fronda. Encouragement Award - Clive Charnley.


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