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10 October, 2022

Biboohra welcomes new principal

A NEW principal has been welcomed to the Biboohra State School with plans to grow their small but tight knit Biboohra school family.

Cherene Trimble has been a teacher for the past 10 years, initially juggling her online studies with the demanding duties of motherhood.

She decided to move into teaching to help nurture the next generation of young minds and be closer to her family.

Ms Trimble is excited to step into the role of principal at Biboohra and hopes to grow and expand the school, having more students means better services and specialty teachers to help teach the kids.

There is a great focus on engaging the kids in interest-based and creative learning, getting the kids excited and making learning fun.

“Biboohra is a lovely small, community school, the vibe here is electric when you walk in – you feel welcomed,” Ms Trimble said.

“Which I have been, welcomed with open arms by students, staff and their families and back in the 80s, my mum was a teacher aide here.

“Lots of my extended family have come to school here so I have a sense of pride in this school and I want to see it grow.”

The school has their own garden where the kids grow produce which is then used in the tuckshop for lunches.

Several walls of the school are also adorned with beautiful murals which previous students had a hand in creating, including a specific one for the late Cole Wyatt, a proud Biboohra State School kid.

Mareeba Shire Councillor Lenore Wyatt welcomed Ms Trimble into the roll last week, Cr Wyatt has a strong connection to Biboohra State School as all three of her kids attended.

“I live between Mount Molloy and Biboohra so I tend to be doing a lot in these communities and of course the three boys were raised out here and all went to Biboohra,” she said.

“So Biboohra is very close to my heart for those reasons and in 2011 I was the P&C president here and managed to start a few things which I can happily see have grown.

“It is a very welcoming, warm com-munity school and something we want to get across – we have to keep numbers up out here to have more teachers and the better services.”


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