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28 September, 2023

Biggest campaign underway to bolster police force

THE Queensland Police Service has officially launched the largest recruitment marketing campaign in its history, showcasing the dynamic nature of a career in QPS to entice prospective recruits.


The “Challenging, Rewarding, Policing” creative campaign features real officers in moments that reflect day-to-day policing among a picturesque Queensland backdrop.

The campaign illustrates the endless possibilities anyone can explore with a career in policing – through advertisements across television, cinema, streaming, online, billboards and radio.

The marketing campaign, which has been months in the making, targets those considering a policing career and experienced officers both nationally and internationally, seeking a challenging and rewarding career. 

The launch of the campaign also includes a new-look Police Recruit website, where eight serving police officers share their story of joining the QPS and where it has taken their career and lifestyles.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the government was investing $87.5 million over five years to support the largest ever police recruitment drive, significantly boosting the number of police.

“This campaign is about showcasing the significant and active role our police undertake, with the aim of attracting applicants who are ready to take on both the challenges and rewards of a fulfilling career as a police officer,” he said.

“As a police officer, you can have one career that has endless possibilities.

“In addition, incentives continue to be offered such as no application fees, additional cost of living allowance, free accommodation, up to $20,000 towards select HECS debt and $20,000 paid towards the cost of relocation for police from other jurisdictions.

“There has never been a better time to join QPS in our sunshine state, whether you’re an officer looking to move abroad or seeking a new and rewarding career.”

Queensland Police Service Commissioner Katarina Carroll urged people from all backgrounds to consider a career in the force.

“A career with Queensland Police Service, is a career like no other. 

“The sheer variety of roles, skills, situations and moments in a vast state like ours makes it such a uniquely challenging and rewarding career for everyone to consider,” she said.

“We are recruiting passionate people from all backgrounds who want to make a difference and provide world class policing services to our communities across Queensland.

“The QPS has embarked on its largest ever recruitment campaign, targeting both new recruits and experienced officers from around the world and we believe this campaign will help us raise interest to the next level.”

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