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25 June, 2024

‘Biggest sale’ at Mareeba yards

A RECENT store sale has been dubbed “one of the biggest” in Mareeba Saleyard history, with more than 2,900 head of cattle from across North Queensland going for 195.61c/kg on average.

‘Biggest sale’ at Mareeba yards - feature photo

The Mareeba Combined Agent sale saw thousands of graziers and cattlemen coming through the local sale yards, with top quality local stock on offer. 

Combined Agents president Ian Bradford said for the second store sale of the year, it was a huge success and a great way to advertise and promote the local cattle industry. 

“We had around 3,000 head of cattle penned up for the sale, none of which was slaughter cattle, only restock cattle, and it was a great way to advertise and promote this area and encourage Central Queensland buyers to purchase Tablelands cattle and cattle that would seep back into the live export trade,” he said. 

“It just gives our vendors a better option and a bit more exposure to the southern markets and allows the volumes to be there to keep the freight rates good for buyers – so they know that 3000 head will be there and they will be able to fill up their trucks and head south at a reasonable price.

“We have some very good flat back cattle, so European breed cattle ... and some softer breeds as well as some good strong quality Brahman.”

Mr Bradford said he was also impressed with good quality heifers in the pens that would go help keep the local industry stocked.  

While there were no record-breaking prices, Mr Bradford said he was impressed with the calibre of cattle in the pen.

He said Mareeba was having some of the best sale days in Queensland and hoped it would signify a positive shift for the local industry, particularly after a difficult past 12 months for graziers. 

“We are still getting along, mainly after the prolonged wet season, but certainly in the last week weeks our numbers have gone up at our store sales,” he said. 

“We were certainly at our limit (at combined sale), and I was talking to some old fellas who said they hadn’t seen a sale so big before.” 

Graziers are being encouraged to come along to the Tuesday weekly sales, which kick off from 8am at the Mareeba Saleyards. 


▪ Total yarding 2957 head with 9 cows and calves sold by Open Auction

▪ Yard averaged 195.61c/kg to return an average $508.28/head

▪ 58 Bulls averaged 180.7/kg selling to a top of 240.2c/kg

▪ 53 Cows averaged 140.5c/kg selling to a top of 196.2/kg

▪ 696 Steers averaged 208.3c/kg selling to a top of 254.2c/kg

▪ 277 Heifers averaged 157.5c/kg selling to a top of 206.2c/kg

▪ 355 Yearling bulls averaged 192.5c/kg selling to a top of 240.0c/kg

▪ 635 Yearling heifers averaged 171.6c/kg selling to a top of 224.2 c/kg

▪ 874 Yearling steers averaged 224.5c/kg selling to a top of 290.2/kg

▪ 5+5 Cows and calves @$850

▪ 1+1 Cow and calf @$700

▪ 3+3 Cows and calves @$500


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