15 February, 2023

Book tells love of tree kangaroos

LOCAL romance author Frances Dall’Alba has released her latest book “Jack and Eva”, showcasing the rare Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo.

Book tells love of tree kangaroos - feature photo

Inspired by the work done by Dr Karen Coombes at the Tree Roo Rescue Park on the outskirts of Malanda, the novel follows Eva Stamford – a chatty community girl who volunteers everywhere she goes with a passion for tree kangaroos.

Jack Waller is the opposite, returning to the region to fulfil a promise to his mother and finds himself running into Eva also every day.

The more time they spend together, the harder it is to ignore the chemistry intensifying between them, and Jack is learning fast, it’s either the whole Eva package including her tree kangaroos, or nothing.

Eva needs to stay on Jack’s good side because his property borders the Tree Roo Rescue Park. 

Any changes he makes to the property might unsettle her furry babies, and this can’t happen on her watch. Then she needs to tell Jack about the curse and forget about encouraging one final fling.

“While it's not a book inspired by Dr Coombes’ life, when a reader has finished the book, they will know about the existence of the Tree Kangaroo, and they will know of the great work Dr Karen does,” Ms Dall’Alba said.

The book is available at 


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