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New party looking for new candidates.

Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan is looking for members for his new party.

Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan has been out and about in Far North Queensland looking for potential candidates for his new political party “NQ First”.

The Party was announced in September of last year and was registered the following month. According to Mr Costigan “The party is made up of disenfranchised former members of the LNP who resigned on mass after my expulsion in February of last year“

Mr Costigan was famously expelled from the LNP last year when details of an alleged harassment complaint were brought to the party executive’s attention. That complaint is now in front of the courts.

Mr Costigan said that his new party is on the hunt for interested people to join and possibly run as state nominees at the next State Elections.

“The name says it all, the name is resonating with people and membership is growing,

Mr Costigan said that he is looking for community champions “I want people who will stand up for their town and region, who will be part of a coalition of the willing. With the end game being statehood for North Queensland, but before that let’s win enough seats so that we have the balance of power”

“Last time I checked we are the only party to have a North Queensland statehood listed and embedded in our constitution as an objective”

Mr Costigan has earmarked the seat of Cook as a must-win seat “The fact that we have seen the state MP for Cook, retreat to the friendly confines of Cairns says it all. She has put up the white flag and run down the range and thinks she can get by with having mobile offices”

Having a proliferation of smaller parties in Cook and surrounding areas is great for constituents according to Mr Costigan “it’s just like having a greater selection of shops or supermarkets in a town, it’s a good thing for that town and its customers, people want choice and competition.”

“If we can secure the balance of power we can deliver real outcomes for the people of Far North Queensland.”







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