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25 August, 2022

Bridge speeding shock

MORE than 215 motorists have been caught in a three-hour period speeding over the Barron River Bridge at Kuranda.

Bridge speeding shock - feature photo

The shocking figures, which translate into a driver being booked every 0.8 minutes, were revealed by Queensland Police at a recent meeting of Mareeba Shire Council’s traffic advisory committee meeting. 

The meeting was told since the 60km/h speed limit was imposed on the bridge, “heavy monitoring” by police had been ongoing. 

Over a three-hour period, 216 drivers were detected speeding which was considered to be “extremely high”. Another statistic was also shared at the meeting regarding traffic crashes between Koah and Kuranda Range lookout. 

Police reported that 31 traffic accidents had occurred on the Kennedy Highway between Koah Road and the lookout in the past 12 months. This was considered to be one of the highest on the region for traffic crashes, police advised. 

Only five of the 31 crashes occurred between Koah and the Kuranda village itself.


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