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15 February, 2024

Campion to contest Cook

RETIRED regional firefighter and prolific letter writer Peter Campion will contest the seat of Cook for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation at the State election in October.

Campion to contest Cook - feature photo

Mr Campion said he would have a strong focus on agricultural and mining industries, fighting escalating crime in regional communities, and improving vital infrastructure in the vast electorate.

“Infrastructure in Cook and across northern Queensland has been crumbling under the neglect of Labor and the LNP,” he said. 

“Many residents in Cook rely on the Kennedy Highway, for example, and the vital Barron Bridge at Kuranda needs urgent replacement.

“One Nation is the new voice for regional Queensland, which is why I’m putting my hand up to stand with Pauline Hanson. With the support of voters in Cook, I’ll fight for a fair share of infrastructure funding that accords with the massive economic contribution our region makes to the state.”

Mr Campion has worked with communities in Cook for 40 years, delivering social services and serving as a fire commander out of Mareeba. He’s also been active as a local community leader for many years, campaigning against ruinous climate change policy and demanding strong action on cost-of-living measures and escalating crime.

“Crime is out of control in Queensland and regional communities in northern Queensland have been on the front line,” he said. 

“Community safety should be the first priority of any government. Repeat offenders must be kept off the streets with tougher penalties, and the government must integrate proven youth intervention and redirection programs in the youth justice system.

“The Labor-Green-LNP obsession with climate change ideology is driving up energy bills for households and businesses and destroying Queensland’s natural environment such as our mountain forests. 

“These parties have no solution to our cost-of-living crisis, but One Nation will pursue an independent energy policy which leverages Queensland’s vast energy resources for more affordable and reliable power.

“Primary industries are critical to the local economy in Cook. Queensland is a primary industries powerhouse. 

“Our world-class agriculture, fishing and forestry sectors contribute $27 billion to the state economy. 

“One Nation supports the right to farm and the right to fish, which is under increasing threat from the cult of climate change and increasing red tape.

“With the support of voters in Cook, I’ll fight for these critical industries so they will continue to underwrite our prosperity. It’s time for change in Queensland.”


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