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13 April, 2022

Caring for Nelson

A TABLELANDS couple is asking for someone to take care of their resident tree kangaroo, boss of the house and king of the pillow castle, Nelson the tree kangaroo.

Karin Semmler with Nelson the tree kangaroo.
Karin Semmler with Nelson the tree kangaroo.

Nelson is not your average tree kangaroo however, as caretaker Karin Semmler describes him as a very smart boy who can even open their front door by himself to let himself in the house.

Mr and Mrs Semmler will be going away from 25 April until 27 July to visit Mrs Semmler’s mother in Germany and are looking for someone to take care of Nelson at their upper barron address. 

While he may sleep in his own room in the house, on a mountain of pillows, Nelson is still a wild animal and Ms Semmler treats him as such. 

Nelson comes and goes as he pleases and is not locked inside to be treated as a pet, he climbs, explores and eats in the trees outside of their home.

“Tree kangaroos are extremely demanding, he is six years old and he’s got claws on him beyond belief,” she said. 

“He doesn’t want to get pushed into anything, it’s not that easy to find someone to look after him. 

“Of course people can go shopping and go to Cairns for the day but not just gallivanting.” 

Taking care of Nelson is quite intensive as the doors must be shut in the house to make sure possums don’t seek shelter inside, Nelson and possums don’t get along well. 

This means being a light sleeper to close the front door when Nelson let’s himself in as well as a range of other different duties to take care of him. 

If taking care of Nelson sounds like the job for you, contact Mrs Semmler’s daughter, Sofie Semmler, via Facebook to inquire.


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