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6 March, 2024

Charlotte takes her talent to Scotland

AN Atherton student will be heading to Scotland in June to play alongside some of the best musicians across the world for the National Youth Wind Ensemble of Scotland.

Flautist Charlotte Nunn will be heading to Scotland for the National Youth Wind Ensemble.
Flautist Charlotte Nunn will be heading to Scotland for the National Youth Wind Ensemble.

Flautist Charlotte Nunn has always loved music, and her talent for playing the flute has been recognised on a national scale.

Charlotte's musical journey began at age 6. Joining the Atherton Tablelands Instrumental Music program in grade 4, she gained ensemble experience with Tolga State School and Atherton State High School concert bands.

Throughout her time in the local band, she participated in numerous concerts and competitions.

In grade 5, Charlotte embarked on her journey with Griffith Queensland Conservatorium's pre-tertiary program, SHEP, attending various levels of the program in Cairns, Brisbane, and Seattle, USA. In 2023, she also completed her AMUS exam on Performance Flute.

“I have always loved music. My favourite music is classical and romantic as well as film music, specifically fantastic childhood films like Willy Wonka, How to Train Your Dragon, and the Harry Potter soundtrack,” she said. 

Charlotte had to audition to get into the ensemble in Scotland, dedicating hours of practice to prepare.

This was the first time the Queensland Conservatorium, which helps the auditions, had reached out to musicians outside of Brisbane for the opportunity. 

“Until now, the Queensland Conservatorium has never extended the audition outside of Brisbane, more specifically the Young Conservatorium ensembles,” she said.

“However, because of my journey through all the SHEP (State Honours Ensemble Program) programs, I have given myself a name as a performer within the walls of the university. I was invited to audition, and here we are.

I am feeling super excited and proud of myself, and I am looking forward to seeing Scotland and making new connections.”

Over the coming months, Charotte will work alongside her teachers, Jane Linstead and Lachlan Szery, to develop new skills needed to play at such a high level. 

“My role in Charlotte’s musical journey has recently evolved from her teacher of weekly lessons to now being her flautist mentor,” Jane said. 

“As such, I have advised Charlotte on the areas of her playing that she should now focus on while encouraging her to now manage her own intensive practice regime.

“I wish for Charlotte to enjoy this experience of playing in the National Youth Wind Ensemble of Scotland and to fully immerse herself in this wonderful opportunity that she has worked so hard for.”


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