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30 June, 2023

Childcare comes to a head

A NEWLY formed community organisation that hoped to provide childcare and kindergarten services to Herberton are being pushed to commit to the project or risk losing the use of the council building.

Childcare comes to a head - feature photo

In May 2021, officers engaged with locals about the future of the Herberton Kindergarten and childcare

service and, subsequently, members of the community established the Herberton Children’s Centre Incorporated, with a view of re-opening the Kindergarten Day Care facility in Jack Street.

However, council was told last week that it had not received confirmation the committee was in a position to recommence kindergarten or childcare services, despite a local business owner purchasing the childcare equipment from the outgoing operators for an estimated $10,000.

Council have now received expressions of interest to take occupancy of the building from the Atherton Baptist Church and the Uniting Church which was recently destroyed by fire. A decision was made by council last week to require Herberton Children’s Centre Incorporated to provide confirmation

before 31 August as to whether it proposes to re-establish childcare or kindergarten services and to formally request tenure over the facility located at 2 Jack Street.

Council will require the group to provide appropriate evidence to support its ability to provide the services in 2024.

If this does not eventuate, council will seek expressions of interest for the lease or sale of the building due to “the community interest and history of the centre being used for kindergarten and childcare purposes”.


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