20 May, 2024


COWBOYS and cowgirls strapped in for an action-packed weekend at the Chillagoe Bushman’s Carnival, with Cazian Griffiths taking out the Open Bull Ride.

PHOTO BY Crystalyn Jones Photography.
PHOTO BY Crystalyn Jones Photography.

Rounding up 78 points at Friday night’s event, Griffiths took out the win, ahead of champion bull rider Braydon Wellby and young-gun Travis Koolatah. 

Wellby has recently notched up Open Bull ride wins at Mt Garnet Races and Rodeo and the Anzac Round of the Great Northern Bullriding Series. 

OPEN BULL RIDE – 1st Cazian Griffiths 78pts; 2nd Braydon Wellby; 3rd Travis Koolatah and Lee Gilbo.

CHUTE DOGGING – 1st Braydon Wellby (Dan 19.76); 2nd Ken Weldon (No Name 33.7).

NOVICE BULL RIDE – 1st Billy Bowker (67pts), 2nd Kenneth Gilbert (20); 3rd Colt Gowan, Jarod Holroyd, Sam Meadows, Hank Kendall, Gilbert O’Keefe (all 18pts).

14-U18 JUNIOR BULL RIDE – 1st Brayden Spina and Azroum Lucas (67pts); 3rd Josh Snell (64); 4th  Hamish Mclean (61).

11-U14 MINI BULL – 1st Joel Jaszczyszyn 57pts; 2nd Jake Smith (51) 3rd Tayla Furber (50).

8-U11 MINI BULL – 1st Weston Hilditch (63pts); 2nd Joseph Jackson and Chase Whitehouse (62pts).

BREAK AWAY ROPING – 1st Lorraine Wellby (Battler); 2nd Shandell Hilditch (Cool Roc N Chrome); 3rd Ava Copley (Scoots).

8-U18 JUNIOR BREAKAWAY ROPING – 1st Dallon Finch (Chex 4.5); 2nd Lacey Besant (Tyson 12.68).

TEAM ROPING – 1st Dallon Finch (Chex); 2nd Robbie White Snr (Roanie); 3rd Lee Liaver (Jazz).

8-U11 JNR STEER RIDE – 1st Tyson Ford (61pts).

11-U14 JNR STEER RIDE – 1st Jake Smith (61pts).

U8 DUMMY ROPE – 1st Delta Cordingley.

U8 BENDING RACE – 1st Delta Cordingley (Fancy 23.56).

8-U11 BENDING RACE – 1st Weston Hilditch (Tamulenas Beggin 14.22); 2nd Baillie Cordingley (Angel 14.79); 3rd Alana Roy (Lachen 16.46).

11-U14 BENDING RACE – 1st Tayla Furber (One Way Roan); 2nd Gemma Warman (Melissa); 3rd Breanna Boyden (Candy's Just Four).

14-U18 BENDING RACE – 1st Shayla Jerome (Comet 11.92); 2nd Makayla Bolton (Cowboy 12.46); 3rd Jemma Swift (Docs Little Jay 12.8).

U8 BARREL RACE – 1st Delta Cordingley (Fancy 29.071).

8-U11 BARREL RACE – 1st Baillie Cordingley (Angel 19.677); 2nd Millie Bartolini (Toby 22.483); 3rd Alana Roy (Lachen 24.01).

11-U14 JUNIOR BARREL – 1st Dakayla Crawley (Boots); 2nd Tayla Furber (One Way Roan); 3rd  Samantha Wright (Fluff).

14-U18 JUVENILE BARREL – 1st Shayla Jerome (Comet (17.772); 2nd Hayley Woodhouse (Cindy 17.987); 3rd Corissa Evans (Lookin Like A Playboy 18.043).

LADIES BARREL RACE – 1st Michelle Bush (Yankee 18.139); 2nd Katie Vohland (Fred 18.145); 3rd Nicole Gava (Peely 18.555).

14-U18 JUVENILE STEER – 1st Shane Dyer (66pts); 2nd Josh Snell (63), 3rd Hamish Mclean (60).

SADDLE BRONC – 1st Dan O'Connor (68pts)2nd Raymond Brown (19).

NOVICE SADDLE BRONC  - 1st Dan O'Connor, Nathan Holdsworth, Alan Masters, Travis Koolatah.

14-U18 SADDLE BRONC – 1st Hayden Martin (58pts); 2nd Grant Martin, Telwyn Gilbo and Michael Burke (all 16pts).

LOCAL BULLOCK RIDE – 1st Djay Weldon (62pts); 2nd Hamish Mclean (57); 3rd Jack Czygan (53).

NOVICE BAREBACK – 1st Cody Quilliam (53pts).

NOVICE BARREL HORSE – 1st Katrina McCallum (Sister 18.576); 2nd Donna Furber (Watch Me Dazzle Em 18.789); 3rd Shayla Jerome (Comet 18.793).

POLY BUCKJUMP – 1st Dan O'Connor (65pts); 2nd Raymond Brown (60); 3rd Owen Ryan (44).

ROPE & TIE – 1st Lee Liaver (Jazz 12.64); 2nd Colin Cappler (Louie 13.05); Scott Sheppard (Lynx 13.51).

STEER UNDECORATING – 1st Kimberley Bryant (Cool); 2nd Lorraine Wellby (Dan); 3rd Nicole Gava (Peely).

STEER WRESTLING – 1st Lee Liaver (Jazz)2nd Braydon Wellby (Dan); 3rd Rick Winsor (Panther).


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