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4 May, 2024

Cole’s superheroes back for 21st race

A TEAM of superheroes will be running 140km from Mareeba to Chillagoe next week in honour of Cole Wyatt, who was tragically killed in 2020.

Team “To Chillagoe for Cole” will be back on the Wheelbarrow Way for the 21st race.
Team “To Chillagoe for Cole” will be back on the Wheelbarrow Way for the 21st race.

For the second time, “To Chillagoe For Cole” will be back for the Great Wheelbarrow Race, with all money raised going towards a bursary which will be awarded at the end of the year to a Mareeba State High School student. 

Cole ran the race twice in his lifetime, the first time with “Scrambled Legs” and the second time alongside Mareeba Rotary Club. 

“Cole also spent a lot of time with the wheelbarrow race as a kid, tagging along with me when he was little and taking in the whole experience,” his mother Lenore Wyatt said. 

“He was always up for whatever was thrown his way and our team of his friends and family are coming together in honour of him.”

Donning their favourite Marvel or DC superhero outfits, the team will honour Cole’s legacy dressed as the superheros he loved throughout his childhood. 

Lenore said she was excited to see the heroes make it across the finish line for a second year in a row.

“Going over the finish line is probably the most exciting bit, and the most emotional thing,” she said. 

“It is amazing how these people, family and friends, have taken the time out of their busy lives to come to the race and keep Cole’s name alive.

“I am so proud of them. I want them to know they just need to keep running – there is a pub at the end.”

The race kicks off on Friday 10 May with the downtown parade from 9.30am along Byrnes St, Mareeba. 


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