6 February, 2024

Community rallies behind injured young cowboy

A YOUNG local cowboy is battling with major brain bleeds and a fractured skull after he came off his bull during the ABCRA National Finals in Tamworth.

Community rallies behind injured young cowboy - feature photo

Junior bull rider Tristan Pye had a close call with mortality during the finals, coming off his bull and fracturing his skull in several places. 

After being taken to the hospital, doctors found two air pockets, one behind his left eye and one in the back of his skull, a brain bleed from the top of his head to his chin and several fractures in his jaw.

He is now unable to hear out of his right ear and will have to undergo rehabilitation. 

Tristan’s mother, Diane, said the damage would have been much worse if it wasn’t for his new cage (the grill at the front of the helmet), which was thicker than his usual one. 

She said following the incident, ABCRA have told her they will look into regulations around cages. 

“The head of ABCRA, Craig Young, has been amazing,” she said.

“He called to ask about Tristan and wanted photos of his helmet and details of inquiries, and he said he would look into making changes to cage helmets.” 

A GoFundMe was created by Tristan’s cousin to help support the family as they undergo rehabilitation an raised over $10,000 to help the Pye family get back on their feet. 

Tristan expressed his gratitude for the support he received from the rodeo community, thanking them for helping him and his family out in such a difficult time. 

“I’m really grateful for everyone who donated – even people who I didn’t know donated,” he said. 

“It was just overwhelming, really.”

An ABCRA spokesperson acknowledged Tristan’s accident and said they would conduct a full investigation into why the incident happened.

“The ABCRA is fully committed to the safety and welfare of participants in all events,” a spokesperson said. 

“Rodeo is a high-risk sport and full-face helmets and protective vests are compulsory for all athletes competing in junior and novice events. 

“The ABCRA has a strict Concussion Policy in place, as well as a Code of Practice for the Conduct of Rodeos, which is a requirement of the NSW Government.

“Athlete safety is of the highest priority, and the Association will be undertaking a full investigation to determine the cause of this incident.”

Tristan and his family began their journey home to Cairns late last week, where he will continue treatment and rehabilitation.


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