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13 August, 2023

Community Safety Wrap

THE annual Mt Carbine Bull and Bronc Ride will be held again this Saturday, with a great event being run by dedicated locals.

Community Safety Wrap - feature photo

Police always like patrons to have a safe and fun night out and therefore remind the community to be prepared.

To ensure a safe night for all, we have the following tips:

• Watch your mates;

• Know your limits;

• Drink some water in between each alcoholic drink; and

• Have a plan to get home safe when you call it a night.

There are no taxis to take you home from Mt Carbine, so have a designated driver or come prepared to camp.

This doesn’t mean that you bring your boombox and play music all night in the campground.

Please have consideration for other campers and remember it is a family event.

Remember the rodeo grounds are on public land, which means you cannot take alcohol from your camp into the licenced area.

Know your limitations – if you don’t it could lead to you putting yourself and others at risk.

If drinking while at the rodeo, always be aware of how much you have had to drink, especially if you are driving home early the next morning.

If you ever think that you’re in an unsafe environment, speak to a staff member or security and they can assist you with your concerns.

Police will also be at the event, assisting to ensure everyone has a safe and good night out.

Remember, a fight over nothing can change everything. It is never worth getting into a fight.

So, walk away before there is a fight, this is then a win for everybody.


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