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12 September, 2023

Crisafulli set to visit Mareeba

THE man who wants to be Queensland’s next Premier will travel to Mareeba next week on a fact-finding mission aimed at listening to the concerns of locals and finding out what they need from the government.

Photo: David Crisafulli MP Facebook Page
Photo: David Crisafulli MP Facebook Page

LNP leader David Crisafulli will host a “health crisis Town Hall” meeting in Mareeba on 21 September, followed by a presentation at a Mareeba Chamber of Commerce luncheon where it is expected locals will raise other matters of concern such as the Kuranda Range Road, the long-awaited Mareeba Bypass, and youth crime.

Mr Crisafulli has hosted more than 30 health crisis town hall meetings across Queensland in recent times to ensure he understands the scope of the problem and what needs to be done locally to deliver better services.

“The Queensland health crisis, the youth crime crisis, multi-billion-dollar infrastructure budget blowouts and he ballooning cost of living pressure are just some of the main issues affecting Queenslanders every day,” he said.

“The number of frontline police has gone backwards, youth justice laws weakened, ambulance ramping has tripled since 2015, surgical waitlists have soared and social housing targets haven’t been met.

“It's clear, Far North Queenslanders have been left behind and residents have lost trust in the Premier.”

Mr Crisafulli said he had recently held a meeting with community leaders and residents in remote communities in Torres Strait, Cape York, Bamaga and Cooktown during which it was clear they were “crying out” for better basic services in health, education and infrastructure.

“But after eight years in office, the Palaszczuk Government has stopped listening,” he said.

“Far North Queenslanders deserve local Members of Parliament who will fight for them, instead of the current crop of Labor MPs who are more interested in their own political survival.

“Labor expects your vote, but the LNP will earn your vote.”

Mr Crisafulli is yet to reveal who will stand for the LNP in Cook or Barron River but he says they have “potential candidates bashing down the door” to represent the electorates at the 2024 election.

“Unlike Labor, who are owned by the unions lock-stock-and-barrel, our candidates will be chosen by local branch members without fear or favour,” he said.

“We are a grassroots movement, and our candidates will be decided by party members in due course. I have no doubt Far North Queenslanders will be impressed with the high-calibre candidates the LNP will put forward.

“The LNP campaign in the Far North will be about the Far North and the issues that impact the people who live here.  It will not be a stale cookie-cutter of a state-wide campaign - we will pre-select local champions who understand their communities and are prepared to fight for them.

“It will not be a one-size-fits-all approach out of Brisbane. Policies will be driven by grassroots community and will unleash the potential of Far North Queensland.”

Health Crisis Town

- 21 September

Registration from 9.30am

Starts 10am

21 September - Jackaroo Motel function room


Chamber of Commerce lunch - 21 September

Mareeba International Club

Starts 12noon



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