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14 February, 2024

Cummings legacy lives on

A LEGACY led by Ron and Craig Cummings will be recognised in June this year, as Travis Cummings and Kai Garner prepare to take their “Shitbox” on an Aussie outback adventure, all to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

By Ellie Fink

The “R+C Legacy” team Travis Cummings and Kai Garner will be participating in the Cancer Council’s Shitbox Rally this year.
The “R+C Legacy” team Travis Cummings and Kai Garner will be participating in the Cancer Council’s Shitbox Rally this year.

The Shitbox Rally is held twice every year, with hundreds of car enthusiasts coming together to drive their old cars worth no more than $1,500 through the rough and rugged inland roads. 

In 2022, Travis and his father Ron participated in the rally in honour of Ron’s brother Craig, who passed away from cancer. 

Affectionately naming their team “Cruisin’ for Craig”, the rally was a huge success, with the father and son duo raising over $20,000 in honour of Craig. 

But two months after the completion of the rally and despite a promise to do many more together, Ron tragically passed away in an accident. 

Almost two years later, Travis has joined forces with Craig’s son-in-law, Kai, to do the rally all over again with a new name – The R+C Legacy. 

“Even though dad didn’t pass away from cancer, he had a lot of involvement in the Shitbox Rally and he knew raising money for cancer was important,” Travis said.

“So yeah, we are doing this rally for those that we love and those that are either struggling with cancer or have passed from cancer.

“And for those who have put in the 100% effort to help find a cure.”

When Kai heard about the Shitbox Rally for the first time, he said he immediately thought of how much fun it would be for such a good cause. 

So, when Travis approached him about the rally, he was keen to get in the passenger seat and come along for the ride. 

“I just wanted to get involved and start working with the community a bit more,” he said. 

“It’ll be great to drive around, get to know a few people, drink a fair few tins along the way and see parts of the world you haven’t found yet.”

Looking back on the last rally, Travis said the memories he and his father had made were ones he will never forget. 

This time around, he is excited to make new memories, make new friends and share the R+C Legacy. 

“I think if we try and emulate the last rally, then it just won’t be the same,” he said. 

“It’s a new rally, a new team and new memories.”

The rally will kick off from 14-22 June, starting in Melbourne and travelling inland through Queensland and will end at Alice Springs. 

Fundraising has already started for the Shitbox Rally. To donate to the R+C Legacy, visit


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