13 June, 2022

Davies pushes for world championship

MAREEBA’S Kevin Davies has vowed last weekend’s Ironman Challenge will not be his last, as he looks ahead to next year’s exploits and a potential world championship appearance.

Davies pushes for world championship - feature photo

Doubling as Mareeba’s deputy mayor and avid triathlete, Davies has participated in 10 Cairns Ironman challenges and aims to continue his long-standing tradition. 

To date, he has participated in nine half Cairns Ironman challenges and one full challenge. 

The 54-year-old was working with Sam Colvin from Team 360 in preparation for this year’s challenge and saw improvements in his times.

Improving times year by year is what keeps Davies training and competing in the challenge with eyes set firmly on the global stage. 

“Once you have done one, you will know – you just think you can do better every time,” he said. 

“Plus, I like keeping fit, it is a struggle between council and my sport but I have a great back up team in my wife and kids.” 

Davies goal is to return to the global stage and once again compete in the Ironman World Championship, aiming for New Zealand in two years’ time. 

“My goal is to hopefully make it to another world championship, either in New Zealand or Finland which is next year,” he said. 

“I’ve been to Canada in 2015 and Nice in 2019 for world championships, I missed out on the Sunshine Coast championship - the one in my own backyard.

“Experiencing the world’s was just awesome, just to compete with so many different nationalities, meeting different people – get to rub shoulders with the world champs and professionals.” 

Despite all his grand aspirations, Davies’s number one goal always has and always will be to beat himself, finish the race and get over the line.


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