19 September, 2022

Duels in the dirt at Tepon Raceway

TO cope with the increased number of new racers, Tableland Competition Car Club has created a new class of beginners, D Grade.

Edward Smith and Luke Cummings
Edward Smith and Luke Cummings

A group of youngsters, having fun, learning to control their cars on a very unpredictable surface.

While Lach in the water truck battled to keep dust down on a rapidly drying track, the 25 drivers were kept racing, thanks to the club’s hardworking volunteers.

The final showdown for the dirt track duellers will be at Tepon Raceway on Sunday 16 October.

Race Results:

D Grade: 1st Harrison Jonsson; 2nd William Jonsson; 3rd Jus-tin Toohey. C Grade: 1st Daniel Weller; 2nd Luke Cummings; 3rd Josh Dotti.
B Grade: 1st Mick Schuch; 2nd Geoff Schulz; 3rd Corey Martin.
A Grade: 1st Owen Jonsson; 2nd Andrew Mc-Creath; 3rd Brad Brook


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