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28 August, 2022

Eucalyptus leaves sought to feed rescued animals

FRESH eucalyptus leaves to provide daily nutrition to rescued gliders and possums are desperately needed by Tablelands Wildlife Rescue.

Nutmeg the Common Ringtail enjoying some fresh gum leaf.
Nutmeg the Common Ringtail enjoying some fresh gum leaf.

The team of wildlife carers have been searching high and low across the Atherton Tablelands for the perfect food for the animals they have in care and are now calling upon private property owners to help. 

“We currently have a Northern Greater Glider and a large number of possum species in care that need to eat fresh tipped eucalyptus daily,” the Facebook post read. 

“This is becoming increasing hard to come by and our carers can be out for hours daily trying to find enough leaf. “If you are around the Tablelands and don't mind our carers cutting fresh eucalyptus on your property, please send a message… cutting will be on a rotation system so the tree will have enough time to reshoot. 

“Our carers are careful with where and how much they cut and will clean up any branches they cut down.” 

Leaves cannot be gathered from busy roadsides due to dust and exhaust fumes that contaminate the food source, National Park or Heritage listed areas or be severely contaminated by herbicides, pesticides and poisons. 

Wildlife carers would prefer easy to access trees to collect that are not too high off the ground, preferring 5-6m off the ground at a maximum. 

To help out, contact Tablelands Wildlife Rescue on 07 4091 7767 or message the group through their Facebook page.


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