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5 May, 2024

Fanciers from afar flock to poultry auction

AN unprecedented number of people were drawn to this year’s Annual Purebred Poultry Auction held recently at the Atherton Showgrounds.

By Brigitte Daley

High-quality poultry was on offer at the Annual Purebred Poultry Auction held in Atherton which attracted record crowds.
High-quality poultry was on offer at the Annual Purebred Poultry Auction held in Atherton which attracted record crowds.

The event, hosted by the Atherton Tablelands Poultry Club at the Percy Tardent Pavilion on 21 April, is renowned for being the biggest sale of purebred poultry in Far North Queensland.

The auction catered for the tastes of all enthusiasts by also having other categories of poultry such as waterfowl (ducks), turkeys, avian birds (parrots, budgies) and even guinea fowl keets.

With over 300 people in attendance, the highly anticipated and popular day proved to be a resounding success.

Tablelands Poultry Club president Kirk Trianfyllou said a highlight of the auction was the record number of people who attended.

“It was by far the biggest auction that I have ever seen in my time with the club,” he said.


Allan MacKenzie and Rowan Hoffman auctioned off birds to enthusiastic bidders who came from all across the Tablelands, Cairns, Charters Towers, Townsville and as far away as Emerald.

Kirk said that without the auctioneers donating their time, the event would not be able to take place.

“The Atherton Tablelands Poultry Club is very grateful to Allan and Rowan who donated their time for this event, especially on a Sunday,” he said.

“Bidding was very consistent on the day.”

The auction provided a valuable opportunity to purchase poultry which would be difficult to source through normal avenues.

It showcased some of the finest birds on the Tablelands, with a vast assortment of over 800 high-quality birds present on the day.

With over 230 lots on offer, birds were sold either singly, in pairs or in trios.

Buyers enjoyed the "best of both worlds" by having the chance to purchase both large breeds and bantams on the day.

This year, 31 varieties were auctioned which included Silkies, Plymouth Rock, Brahma, Rhode Island Red, Old English Game, Pits, Malay, Aussie Game, Pekin bantams, Sussex, Australorp, Barnevelder, Croad Langshan, Wyandotte, Leghorn, Orpington, Marans, Japanese bantams and Belgian d’Uccle.

Among the rarer breeds of chickens on offer were Cochin, Hamburg bantams and Brahma.

A wide variety of waterfowl included Call, Muscovy, Crested and Pekin ducks.

The auction also featured a selection of avian species including parrots such as Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Masked and Fischer’s as well as budgies.

“A number of exceptional prices were reached, with the highest price being for one lot of Belguin d’Uccle which sold for over $400,” Kirk said.

“There were quite a few young poultry enthusiasts who purchased birds on the day.”

The club auctions started in the 90s. Poultry Club members receive the proceeds of selling their birds at the auction and a small percentage goes to the club.

“The poultry auction is the primary source of funding to keep the poultry club running each year,” Kirk said.

“It is really great to see so many like-minded people attending.”

The auction serves as a fantastic community event, spreading awareness about purebred poultry and showcasing the club and its upcoming events.

This helps attract more purebred poultry enthusiasts and also engages the general public.

The event also provided an excellent opportunity for individuals to connect within the poultry community, whether seeking this year's show champion, a child's pet or simply egg-laying birds.

With the show season rapidly approaching, some buyers utilise the auction as a source for purchasing birds, which they will then exhibit at the local shows.

“A very big thank you to all the faces behind the scenes who are unseen and do all the work for this to enable it to happen,” Kirk said.

“Their efforts are greatly valued and are very much appreciated.”

The Atherton Tablelands Poultry Club first commenced in 1976 and has a wealth of knowledge amongst its members. It currently has around 50 members whose ages range from between 10 to 70 years.

New members are always welcome. For further information, go to the Atherton Tablelands Poultry Club Facebook page.


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