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9 August, 2022

Flying fox focus of free presentation

THE trials and tribulations of the local flying fox population and the different species that habitat our region will form the basis of a free public presentation at the Malanda Pub this week.

A Tubenose Bat in care at the Tolga Bat Hospital.
A Tubenose Bat in care at the Tolga Bat Hospital.

On Thursday evening from 7.30pm, the Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group are hosting special guest speaker, director of the Tolga Bat Rescue and Research Facility in Atherton, Jennefer Mclean, who will reflect on the wonderful variety of bats in our region and some of the threats they face.

These include modern threats from climate change including heat stress and the development of wind turbines; barbed wire and poor management and the challenges of a poor public image.

But there are many positive initiatives around Australia and Jenny will be sharing these, especially the excellent conservation initiatives for flying foxes.

This is a chance to meet some of the 1400 species of bats world-wide and some of Australia’s 83 species, including a new species discovered just last year near Mission Beach.

The talk includes an update on some of the research going on at the Bat Hospital, the largest bat rehabilitation centre in Australia and the number 1 bat tourism facility in Australia, having just won a third People’s Choice Award from Trip Advisor.

The talk starts at 7.30pm and is a free presentation to interested members of the public.


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