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30 June, 2022

Food drive feeds those in need

A TEAM of students at Jubilee Christian College in Atherton have donated 515 emergency items to Better Together’s emergency relief program to help those struggling throughout the community.

Food drive feeds those in need - feature photo

 Through the school’s Duke of Edinburgh program, students wanted to help a service that was close to their heart, and with the cold weather and continuously rising cost of living they though Better Together would be the perfect candidate. Students then organised a food drive, with each class teaming up to bring in the much food as they could to be put into emergency food parcels. Principal of Jubilee College Dr Chris Radcliffe said he was beyond proud to see his students providing essential items to people in need. “It was really great to see how when you put the notion of service into practice, we can see the impact it has on people in the community,” he said. “The kids, with the support of their parents, contributed what they could to the cause, and they even had an in school competition to see who could bring in the most. “The winner got a pizza party to celebrate their contributions.” With the products donated by the Christian College, Better Together was able to create several emergency relief food parcels to give to people in need. Community Development Officer Kristy Madden really appreciates when food supplies at donated to the school and believes its initiatives such as these that makes the community stronger. “It is this basic need that I asked Jubilee Christian College to support us with and they have amazed me with their efforts,” she said “For a small school to collect 515 items that can be used in food parcels for families in need shows how hard the students worked in promoting this project, and how generous their families are. “We are very grateful to Jubilee Christian College and can’t wait to work with them again next year and see if they can beat the standard that this year’s group have now set.”


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