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1 April, 2022

Former mayor demands more action on crime

FORMER Mareeba Mayor Mick Borzi has come out of the shadows to demand more action to reduce crime in the town he led for more than a decade.

Mr Borzi has joined the chorus of discontent about the level of crime in the town and the seemingly inaction by authorities, support groups, and agencies to do anything meaningful about it. 

The former outspoken claims the community at large has been “kept in the dark” with regard to any actions, timeframes or responsibilities associated with the prolonged increased criminal activity in and around Mareeba. 

“Surely, after a number of so-called stakeholder involved strategy meetings over the past two years, there should have been some action to reduce crimes against residents and their property,” Mr Borzi said. 

“However, Queensland Police Service’s reported crime figures dictate nothing positive in regards to local crime reduction whatsoever. 

“Accordingly, it is hard to see how any community interest is being served or achieved by any of these involved agencies who, to date, seem to be immune from any action or accountability.

Members of Mareeba Crime Action Group are asking agencies involved in developing a proposed anti-crime strategy for answers regarding the continued highly elevated incidences of crime against people and property across the town and region. 

Group spokesman Denis McKinley said that under new State Government’s anti-graffiti laws, there was now a table of age-related penalties including graffiti removal orders that could be enforced by QPS officers and the State court system. 

“These Graffiti Removal Orders are to take place under the direction of custodial officers. However, to date, the public is yet to hear of any action or results from this legislation at a local level,” Mr McKinley said. 

This Thursday, crime will be the focus of the Mareeba Chamber of Commerce luncheon, with Mareeba Mayor Angela Toppin, a representative from the Queensland Police, and a member of Cimestoppers to address the function.


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