14 November, 2023

Fresh ballad hits the music world

FOR the first time since leaving her award-winning rock band in Melbourne, Kuranda’s Nicole Nighthawk debuted her solo career with her first official single.

By Ellie Fink

Kuranda artist Nicole Nighthawk has released her first solo debut single No Tomorrow. PHOTO: Captured by Martin.
Kuranda artist Nicole Nighthawk has released her first solo debut single No Tomorrow. PHOTO: Captured by Martin.

Launching her song No Tomorrow over the weekend, Nicole has taken a step back into the music game with a “euphoric, emotional and inspiring” piece inspired by her emotional lows, highs, feelings of loss, new love, and finding the strength within.

“It’s a reflective love song, I guess, about lovers drifting apart, but I also never want to delve too deep into the songwriting and what the song is about because I feel like when you tell someone the meaning, it takes away their own meaning,” she said.

“While I have my reasons for why I wrote the song, I prefer people to listen to it and connect their own story to it.

“This song was always meant to be dark, and a lot of what I write is dark … and reflective.”

When creating this song, Nicole knew she wanted to take a step back from her rock roots and start embracing her love for pop and folk.

She hopes the change in genre will entice her fans, who have followed her into her solo career.

“This song was something a little more representative of me and the different things I love about music, and hopefully it will be a bit of a surprise, and my fans won’t pigeonhole me as this rock artist,” she said.

“I am definitely not a rock artist. I love blues, jazz, soul, punk, pop – everything. I love everything.”

Releasing a solo single has been something Nicole has wanted to do for most of her career. Taking this step was something that came with many emotions, but now it is available on all streaming platforms, she is excited to see where it will take her as she begins working on her first solo album.

“I am so proud and so excited for this and I hope is that the song just connects with people and people like it,” she said.

“I am really grateful for my wife Leigh who has been working on this whole project with me as well. She’s been there the whole time supporting me and was involved with the whole process.”

No Tomorrow is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms. The music video is also available to view on YouTube and Vevo.


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