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26 January, 2023

Fresh faces join the fight against crime

THE fight against escalating crime on the Tablelands has been boosted with three new Constables now on the beat.

By Ellie Fink

New constables Chloe Malcolm, Zoe Marker and Simon Van Der Steen will be joining the Tablelands Patrol Group in serving the community
New constables Chloe Malcolm, Zoe Marker and Simon Van Der Steen will be joining the Tablelands Patrol Group in serving the community

Since July last year, a total of 2689 of-fences have been recorded for the Mareeba Shire and Tablelands Regional Council area, with the majority of those offences being assault, traffic infringements and unlawful entry.

Constables Chloe Malcolm, Zoe Marker and Simon Van Der Steen are determined to make a difference and have a challenge in front of them, with 225 offences recorded for Mareeba and 200 for Tablelands over the past four weeks.

Being born and bred in Rockhampton, Const. Marker moved to Mareeba to begin her career in policing – something she has always wanted to do.

“I wanted to be a police officer when I was a kid and I have always wanted to do my part for the community and help out where I can,” she said.

“I think so far, the main highlights have been within myself. I have surprised myself with how I have been able to pro-actively respond to situations out of my comfort zone.”

Const. Malcolm, like her colleague, has always wanted to be a police officer and enjoys working alongside different people.

“I did a hairdressing apprenticeship but I just knew I wanted to be a police officer but I am only five foot one so I thought no one would take me seriously,” she said.

“I knew I really liked to communicate with people and being a hairdresser, that is all I did but I wanted to do something that was much more impactful.”

Being an officer has already been an eye opener for Const. Malcolm, experiencing firsthand what her and her colleagues endure daily.

“I did my station duty in Edmonton, went out to a call which the officer’s thought would be simple but they both ended up being assaulted,” she said.

“That was definitely a huge eye opener.”

Coming all the way from Harvey Bay, Const. Van Der Steer is following in his father’s footsteps after spending several years in the army.

So far, he has found the job exciting, and he is looking forward to learning more.

“There is a really supportive network (in Mareeba), and everyone is super helpful and willing to answer your questions,” he said.

“I think being a first year, you just try and absorb everything like a sponge.”

All constables agreed their biggest highlight in the job so far is their own personal development and the support they have received from their field training officers.

For the next 12 months, the constables will be trained on the job by their field training officers. 

Their training will be completed in December this year when they will hit the streets as fully-fledged officers


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