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11 December, 2022

Frogs hope to hop to ARIA top spot

THE LOCAL Northern Tinker Frog, Kuranda Tree Frog and many of their musical friends are hoping to hit number one on the ARIA charts for their new 50 track album “Australian Frog Calls: Songs of Disappearance”.

Frogs hope to hop to ARIA top spot - feature photo

The Bowerbird Collective and the Australian Museum have teamed up to create the unique collection of native frog calls and want help leapfrogging Taylor Swift into the number one position on the Christmas ARIA chart.

The project hopes to bring attention to the endangered spe-cies and encourage people to download the FrogID app and record the croaking melodies for research.

“Songs of Disappearance” also highlights that one in six Australian native frog species are currently threatened, with four already sadly extinct.

Kuranda EnviroCare citizen science coordinator Edward Bell has been monitoring the Kuranda Tree frog for over three years through the FrogID app and hopes the album becomes a huge hit.

“I’d love it to replicate the success that the bird themed al-bum had last year in the charts,” he said.

“Albums like this are a great way to broaden people's under-standing of the rapid loss of bio-diversity and extinction of species that is happening every day.

“Aside from the doom aspect though I hope it highlights to people the diversity and complexity of life we have all around us and maybe gets some people who wouldn’t have otherwise listened out their window at night to listen again and start to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the world we are intricately a part of.”

Songs of Disappearance: Australian Frog Calls is avail-able as a digital download or physical CD, which features a 16-page booklet full of wonder-ful photography and liner notes.

Proceeds from the album's sales will go towards the Australian Museum’s national FrogID project, helping it continue to make giant leaps in frog research and conservation through public recordings.


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