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9 March, 2024

Frustration grows for McIver residents

FOR almost a decade, residents on McIver Road have been crying out to Mareeba Shire Council to fix their road, claiming that every rainfall event brings new problems to the 700m stretch which remains unsealed.

Residents are asking council to help upgrade the last 700 metres of McIver Road to avoid wash outs during rain events.
Residents are asking council to help upgrade the last 700 metres of McIver Road to avoid wash outs during rain events.

Four petitions have been presented to council since 2015, calling on council to provide a long term solution to ongoing wash outs and damage along that stretch. 

Resident Daimin Murat said despite several attempts to work with council to find a solution, he and his neighbours were still faced with an “un-passable” road after each wet season.

“We use this road daily to get to work, town and other errands. The road is nearly un-passable, muddy, slippery, with large washouts that would prevent sedans from passing through and dangerous,” he said. 

“One elderly resident down here who lives alone drives a sedan and can barely get out.

“We have received virtually nothing besides the installation of a new culvert, which proved unsuitable within the first month. 

“Every year the road is damaged and washed out. Council prefers to return year after year and fix the same issue rather than provide a permanent long-term fix or solution.

“No one who lives here or who has the situation explained to them finds council's handling of the situation acceptable. Especially considering the length of time that has passed and our proximity to town.”

A council spokesperson said officers were in talks with residents on McIver Road, looking for ways to improve the quality and safety of the road. 

The spokesperson said any upgrades to the road would require contributions from property owners who live along the 700m unsealed stretch. 

“With respect to the unsealed section of McIver Road, council is also in discussions with the property owners regarding potential upgrades which they will be asked to contribute towards,” the spokesperson said. 

“These upgrades are intended to help address farm runoff affecting road access at the far end of McIver Road.

 “In terms of the current situation, council has 190 roads that have been impacted by the recent weather events and given the limited resources available to it must prioritise the order in which repairs are undertaken.”


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