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22 April, 2022

Funding to help clean up creeks

A CREEK in historic Irvinebank and a habitat corridor near Julatten will both benefit from funds provided by the Queensland Government.

Photo - Pexels
Photo - Pexels

Gulf Savannah will use $40,000 to start a long-term project to clean-up the silt-filled McDonald Creek that runs through the historic tin mining town. 

The creek is so shallow it flooded during the wet season, cutting off the road into the town and damaging the park and picnic areas in the town’s centre. 

The grant will fund initial scientific studies to identify the source of the silt that has built-up in the creek. 

The work will also involve hydrology students from the James Cook University Cairns campus as part of their field studies. 

Gulf Savannah will also use more than $130,000 to revegetate a 2.5-hectare habitat corridor and restore a link for wildlife from Abattoir Swamp to Hunter Creek. 

The group will be working with local landholders and the local Mitchell River watershed management group, who manage the swamp to complete the planting, care for the seedlings and maintain the revegetated areas in the future. 

Both projects are expected to be completed by mid-year.


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