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16 October, 2022

Grassfed cattle industry enters new era

THE transition to Cattle Australia received an overwhelming majority of support at Cattle Council’s special general meeting, with 91.75 per cent of individual producers and 75 per cent of State farming organisations voted in favour of the proposed constitution to establish Cattle Australia.

Grassfed cattle industry enters new era - feature photo

Cattle Council president Lloyd Hick said it was a great moment for the grassfed cattle industry.

“Now is the time to unite for the good of all cattle producers,” Mr Hick said.

“Cattle Council will now fully transition to Cattle Australia, marking a new era for the grassfed cattle industry.

“Any producer who pays the grassfed levy can become a member, vote and run for a position on the board and or vote for directors.

“For the first time, the body representing grassfed cattle producers will be driven by and be in the control of grassfed cattle producers.

“We acknowledge some members have concerns about the model. We will continue to listen to them and seek to address those concerns.

“The constitution will be reviewed in two years – this will make sure it is working as best as it possibly can.

“Cattle Australia will be a strong, influential, and inclusive voice for producers and ensure the grassfed cattle industry prospers.

“The constitution will take effect on 4 November 2022 when the Board elections process will get underway.

“For the very first time, any cattle producer who pays the Cattle Transaction Levy can run for office and make positive change for our industry.

“We now turn our attention to the nomination and voting process for Cattle Australia’s first Board elections in December this year.

“I ask all cattle producers to get behind Cattle Australia and make it the success our industry needs.”


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