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30 June, 2024

Hodge slams TMR, TRC, over ‘dangerous’ road

A FORMER Tablelands councillor has slammed the current council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads for their “lack of action” towards the closure of Manthey Road.

Former TRC councillor Peter Hodge at the Manthey Road intersection.
Former TRC councillor Peter Hodge at the Manthey Road intersection.

A recent vehicle crash at the intersection between the “dangerous” road and the Kennedy Highway has again sparked the conversation on whether Manthey Road should be closed to traffic completely. 

During last October’s meeting, former councillor Peter Hodge moved that council write a letter to the Minister for Transport addressing the intersection. 

During that meeting, he, former councillor Bernie Wilce, and Kevin Cardew discussed the dangers of the Manthey Road intersection, highlighting instances of speeding drivers, including one driving at 147km/h. 

The councillors discussed closing the road, which provides access to the Tolga Industrial Estate from the Kennedy Highway, and passed a motion “that, in addition to the council resolution of the last meeting, the Chief Executive Officer write to the Department of Transport and Main Roads requesting a safety audit of the Manthey Road, Kennedy Highway intersection to determine whether additional safety works, including signage and or intersection upgrades, are required.”

Since then, Mr Hodge has not seen any response to the letter and has called on the council and TMR to “stop hiding” and tell the people what was said. 

When asked by The Express to view the response letter, both TMR and the council declined to reveal it.

“If I were still a councillor now, I would make sure that letter was tabled,” he said. 

“I think TRC and TMR should just own up to and put out the response from a letter that was sent by request from that council meeting and just keep going forward. 

“Don’t try and be bureaucratic about this.”

A TMR spokesperson said TMR had completed a safety review of the road and had identified various issues impacting its safety. 

The spokesperson said several immediate safety improvements were implemented, including replacing the give-way sign with a stop sign on Manthey Road, updating warning signage on the approach to the intersection, and installing guideposts on Manthey Road. 

“Vegetation trimming to improve sight visibility and shoulder and kerb repairs at the intersection are currently in progress and are expected to be completed by late June 2024, weather and construction conditions permitting,” the spokesperson said.  

“TMR worked with Tablelands Regional Council on these safety improvements. TMR will consider a major upgrade at this location in future funded programs, prioritised against other competing projects across the state.”

TRC declined to comment. 


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