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28 July, 2023

Inquiry into climate change effects on ag production

A PARLIAMENTARY inquiry into the impact of climate change on Queensland’s agricultural production is underway, with local farmers able to put in a submission before 24 August.

Inquiry into climate change effects on ag production - feature photo

The State Development and Regional Industries Committee is inviting submissions for its inquiry into the impact of climate change on agricultural production, how it is affecting farmers and how the Queensland Government can help the sector prepare for the future.

The committee will undertake public hearings as part of the inquiry.

Committee chair Chris Whiting MP said while farmers had an amazing record of adaptation from economic shocks due to droughts and cyclones, climate change could be their biggest challenge yet.

“Since 1910 average temperatures in Australia have risen by 1.5 degrees C and, if climate change continues, in 30 years’ time, the climate of Brisbane could be more like Mareeba and the climate of Cairns more like Cooktown,” he said.

“Whether it is because of increased droughts, more storms or the arrival of new pests and diseases, climate change means that what Queensland farmers grow and how they grow it is already changing.

“Queensland is lucky to have some of the world’s leading experts in agriculture and climate change, and we have spoken to many of them. 

“Now we want to open up the conversation, including finding out what is happening on farms across the State.

“This inquiry is about learning what the Queensland Government can do to ensure the State’s farmers, graziers, and food producers continue to thrive.”

To find out more about the inquiry, including the terms of reference and how to make a submission, visit 


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