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14 July, 2022

Italian stories to be shared in new book

STORIES of Italian immigrants and how they forged a new life in this region will be captured in a special book as part of the inaugural Cairns Italian Festival.

Italian stories to be shared in new book - feature photo

The 10-day festival, which runs from 28 July to 6 August, will celebrate all things Italian – the culture, food, wine, song, and dance. 

But it will also focus on the history of Italians in Far North Queensland and how generations made Australia their home, changing the face and future of the region in farming, business, and development. 

“Our festival is a week of highly charged and authentic Italian entertainment celebrations, but it also pays homage honouring the Italian immigrants that left their homeland in search for a better life and future in Australia,” festival president Steve Cordenos said. 

“We must all pay the highest respect to our parents, grandparents and great grandparents migrating to Australia and dealing with extreme hardships. 

“The physical work of clearing land for farming, cutting cane by hand, picking tobacco by hand, the language barrier, no money, no phones, no family help, and the uncertainty of their future. 

“Their choices were, work hard, work harder, don’t complain, and keep working harder. 

“What they did have however was strong moral values, friendships, and the ability to help each other in times of need.” 

Mr Cordenos wants today’s generation to recognise that their parents or grandparents created the pathway for them to enjoy the success they have had in Australia. 

“Take this moment to reflect as you read this and remember if it was not for your ancestors, you would now be living in Italy and most likely would not have a business, job success, and financial freedom that you are fortunate enough to enjoy today,” he said. 

“Don’t take this all for granted, the least we can all do is to make sure our family name is never forgotten in North Queensland folklore so the younger generations will continue to pay homage for generations to come. 

“We hope that you share our enormous passion – we are Italian/Australian let us never forget that honour. 

This is your opportunity to make a difference, your opportunity to remember, Dad, Mum, Nonna and Nonno and the legacy they created in Australia.” 

Families can be part of the special book that will recognise those relatives by becoming a sponsor of the festival and purchasing space in the publication. 

“This will be an incredible piece of memorabilia with so many amazing and heartfelt stories for the young generations to treasure,” Mr Cordenos said. 

To participate in the book as a Foundation Sponsor, email to or go to the website.


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