14 March, 2024

Jed’s story shared

AN inspiring picture book teaching children about stroke has been released by Moyamoya Australia founder Nicola Baker and publisher Crystal Leonardi.

Cryatal Leonardi and Nicola Baker with their new book.
Cryatal Leonardi and Nicola Baker with their new book.

“My Mate Jed”, written by the duo and illustrated by Vivian Saad, will tell the story of Nicola’s son Jed, who suffered a stroke when he was a baby and was later diagnosed with moyamoya disease. 

The book takes readers on Jed’s journey from the initial signs, to the hospital tests and exercises needed for recovery. 

The book shows the importance of understanding and supporting those who have experienced a stroke, and 

With practical advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent strokes, the story encourages positive habits while assuring children that, despite differences, love remains unchanged. 

This heartening tale also acknowledges the natural fears that arise during such challenging times and provides a valuable lesson on expressing and sharing worries.

“My Mate Jed” will be officially published on 4 May 2024, and will be available to purchase at or from local booksellers.


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