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13 March, 2022

Kids help keep Australia clean

ON a sunny Friday morning, students from Butchers Creek State swapped the classroom for the schoolyard to do their part in cleaning up Australia.

Solomon Davidson (Year 4) and Brendan Darkan (Year 5).
Solomon Davidson (Year 4) and Brendan Darkan (Year 5).

Last Friday on Clean Up Australia Day, the school cleaned, sorted and disposed of litter across the school, all while learning about the annual event. 

The day began with an emu parade with students picking up rubbish around their school grounds and placing them into recycling and landfill, as well as sorting bottles for Containers for Change.

Students also learned the importance of keeping waterways clean through its partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Association. 

Principal Eleanor McKay said it was amazing to watch her students build their knowledge of keeping the area clean of pollution. 

“We hope to grow this event in the years to come and endeavour to build partnerships with community agencies that can support us in our sustainability journey,” she said. 

“Together, we can strive as one to keep Australia beautiful.”


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