6 June, 2024

Klein sweep for boxer

A two-year hiatus hasn’t slowed down heavyweight boxer Joshua Klein after he made a triumphant return to the ring and was crowned winner at the Tully Boxing Tournament.

Josh Klien and his partner Paige and baby Aurora celebrating a win.
Josh Klien and his partner Paige and baby Aurora celebrating a win.

Klein, who trains at Ashley Cupitt Boxing Academy, faced off in a fiercely contested three-round bout that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

His performance earned him a unanimous decision victory over his opponent from Tully, something that he is very proud of.

Heading into his first fight in two years, Klein was full of nerves but ready to take centre-ring and put on a show for the audience – especially his partner and newborn daughter. 

“I was super nervous for my first fight back. There was a lot of anxiety and nerves ... especially fighting another man in front of a huge crowd,” he said. 

“There was a lot of pre-fight emotions.”

Klein’s opponent took to the ring with an aggressive forward style, leaving Klien stunned. 

“He was actively fighting during the years I was off, so that recent experience really showed. He was a lot more comfortable,” he said. 

“He had an aggressive forward style and was in my face the whole night trying to go for the knockout, which meant the fight became a brawl many times and required some inside work.

“I relied a lot on short inside hooks and straights.”

After three rounds of intense fighting, Klien was named the champion by a unanimous decision and is now preparing for his next fight in Townsville this weekend. 


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