3 June, 2024

Ladies dominated by Roos

A DETERMINED Kangaroos side took down the Roosters women’s side on Saturday night, crossing the try line six times during the match at Mungalli Creek Dairy Stadium in Atherton.

Ladies dominated by Roos - feature photo

The Roosters struggled to find their momentum, with the Kangaroos taking a 14-0 lead by the break. 

May May Hobbler was a standout player in the second half for Roosters, showcasing her prowess in the second row, delivering powerful hits and making her presence felt on the field. 

Atherton’s Kimberley Bryant was the only try scorer for her team which was defeated 28-4.

Coach Paul Stephens said he was now focusing on lifting the speed during games.

“We are focusing on our speed and playing faster ball and we need to work on holding them down,” he said. 

“They were a lot bigger side than us and we can’t let those sides roll on and it is very hard to slow them down.”

The ladies will play a game against Edmonton this Saturday at 10.30am. Stephens is encouraging locals to come down and support them at Mungalli Creek Dairy Stadium.


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